Heading Example

Heading Example

The “Electrical Networks Research Institute” was established in 2015, in order to initiate an appropriate scientific ground for the development of the electrical industry. Despite of the restriction on investment in the development of power networks, utilizing of the most available transmission capacity in the network too close to the boundary of security is inevitable. However, the main factors for utilizing of the maximum of the existing capacity are “network security” and “black out risk”.


Therefore, maintaining of the security and the quality of electrical networks as well as equipments is vital in order to reduce the risks that should be considered in the process of planning, development and operation of the National Power. So, the most important studies to this end are “Dynamic stability studies”, “Safety studies”, and “Operation and Power Quality studies”.


In order to achieve the above-mentioned capabilities, concentration of the research center on solving the problems of power grids is essential.


Considering the above, the important required research groups are as follows:

  • Surveillance, security and network protection 

  • Planning, control and management of power networks

  • Equipments for power networks

Currently, the electrical networks research Institute is located in an area of 6,800 square meters including three separate buildings.